We believe in change

We aim to enhance Identity, Equity, Inclusion, Innovation, Self-worth and Citizenship through:-

(i) Contributing to Access to Education by giving of scholarships to children from low income families. We are nonpartisan and support girls and boys, children with disability, Muslims and Christians, refugee children, and internally displaced children. We aim to enhance access, participation, attendance and transition in education. We also work towards ending the harmful practices that prevent access to education like Female Genital Cutting (FGC), violence against women and children, HIV/AIDS and diseases, and threats to peace such as tribalism, radicalisation and terrorism.

(ii) Adding value and contribute to quality of education by driving a holistic Mentorship for Freedom (MFF) programme that is grounded in ubuntu (communality). We mentor children, their parents and teachers, school stakeholders and local government. We facilitate them to know who they are, be confident in themselves, explore what they are good at, take responsibility over their destiny, have values, and become the creators, innovators, problem solvers and entrepreneurs that Kenya and Africa needs. We mentor all these groups to ensure that the people who have power over the child are also empowered to sustain the outcome of the mentorship. The MFF programme shapes a total person. Every year, the Children in Freedom beneficiaries attend a week long residential mentorship workshop, and they are given the opportunity to design solutions for the problems in their society. We call this the ‘innovation challenge’. This challenge follows a human centred design where the children aim to solve needs and problems that the people around them face.  Our philosophy for quality of education also supports (1) The holistic curriculum reform currently ongoing in Kenya, (2) Holistic teacher training that facilitates teachers to see their role beyond ‘just a job’ but as critical foundation builders and the nurturers of future able citizenry and leadership in Kenya and Africa.

(iii) Building and establishing Children in Freedom Schools The Ubuntu Centre for Innovation. This is a campus that will offer a platform for early childhood education, primary, secondary and tertiary technical education. This campus will allow us to implement fully our vision and experiences.  It will offer a holistic curriculum that will provide the powerful combination of academics, holistic mentorship and technical education. This campus will facilitate our learners to know who they are, identify their talent and what they are good at, and teach them how to turn this talent into creations and innovations. We believe that knowing what you are good at is not enough, you must be able to turn that into something entrepreneurial and earn a healthy income from it. UCI’s approach will give children and youth – hope, dignity, identity, strength, knowledge, and skills needed to problem solve, innovate and become entrepreneurs that will in turn help to not only sustain them and their families, but also grow the Kenyan economy.  This campus is our ultimate goal. Currently, construction is underway for the early childhood center and primary & secondary school in Nakuru, Kenya. We opened our doors in January 2018.

Our Motto…

Education for the Citizenry we want!

Our Vision…

We dream of a Kenya that is so empowered and one of the leaders of the globe. We vision a country with a thriving economy that makes it conducive for any kind of investment and business. We want a society that is free from hopelessness, despair, radicalisation, corruption, violence and crime; a society that is productive and has the competence and bespoke skills needed for sustainable development. We dream of a country that has leaders who are visionary, brave hearted, for the good of the people, with accountability and integrity. We want a thriving society where people are living to their full potential, making full use of their country’s natural resources, and are at peace. For this dream to actualise, we need the right human capital because it is people who bring change. Forthwith, Children in Freedom has been empowering and nurturing children [and their stakeholders] to be the citizenry that will lead us to achieve this dream.

There is nothing as rewarding as helping the less privilege, educating them so that they can grow and create the change that the world needs. Life is valueless and materialistic without sharing and being there for others.

O'ku Kanayo • Director

Annual Month of Giving

We invite you to join our Haba na Haba Scholarship Fund. Haba na haba is Swahili for ‘Little by Little’, that is, ‘every little helps’. As a member of the Fund, you are welcome to give every month, or an equivalent one off. We would also be grateful if you could spread the word about this humble but effective giving to your family and friends, and they can join the Fund. They too will spread the word among their networks, and membership will grow in this organic ubuntu manner. We believe that every member is able to share with at least ten people in his/her network. This humble but consistent giving has made all the difference, and we are currently supporting children through primary school and high school. We want to help more children, and we need your help.

For those in Kenya, donations can be made through our PayBill no. 247247 account No. 417358#child’sname . For those in the diaspora, you can also set up a monthly direct debit online below.

PS. We are registered in the USA as Children in Freedom, Inc. 501(c)(3), EIN 47-3697470, Spring Valley NY. This is to facilitate a more efficient donating from our partners.

Change a life today

As long as poverty, injustice & inequality persist, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life, Get in touch today and start making the difference.